Project Location: Pan India

To accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and to put focus on sanitation, the Prime Minister of India launched the Swachh Bharat Mission. The Mission aims to achieve Swachh Bharat by 2019, as a fitting tribute to the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, which in rural areas shall mean improving the levels of cleanliness in rural areas.
The objectives of Swachh Bharat include eliminating open defecation through the construction of household-owned and community owned toilets and establishing an accountable mechanism of monitoring toilet use.
The designated Agent will have to do the survey of every household in the delegated rural area Taluk and District of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu as per the prescribed format through the Android APP and submit the same.
For every survey the authorized agent will be compensated at Rs.XXXX.
Interested NGO's, Trusts and social organisations can contact the undersigned with regard to the deposits and process for working on this project.


Project Location: Pan India

Advantages of Smart Electrical Meter Installation Project:

1. Easy Installation

2. Safe and Secure

3. Can avoid Power bill arrears problems

We are looking for NGO/Group/firm who are capable of providing the manpower and investing on the DEPOSIT for taking the stock allotted for a particular village, Taluk and district wise for the states of Karnataka, Andhra, Tamilnadu and Telangana.


Project Location: Pan India

(Project Tenure 1st April 2018 to 31st Mar 2021)

In permitted activities “Employment enhancing vocational skills and social business projects” under CSR, the digital lite program is mainly focused to make youth employable in Tailoring, Beautician &IT sector. It has a unique concept for training of candidates in regularly and largely required trades to make them employable and sustain their livelihood for good carrier growth.


Project Location:Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Nature of Work: - LPG Gas Awareness Survey in order to regularize safety checks of LPG gas Connection.

Project Description/Type of Work: – To collect the survey data & generate the MIS Report and Quality Report. Candidate will reach every household and fill the Gas Survey Form and then take photograph of the Gas Stove and Cylinder.

Surveys involve the following stages:

1. Objective-setting and planning (design)

2.Orientation (information gathering about the sampling environment

3.Survey sampling and follow-up

4.Data presentation and analysis


Training: Training will be given by RANAU to establish a Quality, hire the man power to collect the survey from door to door for quality report.


1. Manpower consultant shall provide one supervisor for every TaluK or minimum 5 surveyors in a district.

2. Manpower consultant shall strictly follow rules and regulation given by RANAU. Manpower consultant shall submit all MIS report to RANAU on a daily basis in the services rendered.

3. Manpower consultant must instruct his surveyors that the procedure of filling a survey form, which will take approximately 10 minutes, is to collect data from every house hold. If the procedure is not followed then your survey form will not be accepted.

4. Quality must be above 95%. If quality report will be low then contract will be terminated by us.

LPG Gas Survey Project Payout Details:

1. For District or Taluk Franchisee – Company will Provide District Collector Letter, Identity Card, T-Shirtetc For Surveyors.
• Quantity of LPG Survey Data is QTY 1, 50,000 no’s with unit rate of rupees XX (Included GST).
• Investment –Rs. ___________-(Security purpose only 50% refundable amount after completion of this contract).
• Regulator Device Charges with insurance of upto Rs.5crores–Rs. 1200 /- (If You are Authorized as District/Taluk Franchisee)
• Per District minimum Daily Data Collection – 250 Data / Day
• Contract– 11 Months. (It will be renewal for coming years).
Survey Procedure:
• Fill Online LPG Gas Survey Form. • Click photo of customer copy & generate Quality Report
• Approximately takes 10 min of Customer & generate customer Report
Payout Rules:
• Invoice should be created from your end after completion of 30 days (Sunday not included)
• Payment will be done on successfully submitted report & acceptance received from department.
• Billing Invoice generated on 30 days Working Cycle.
• 40% amount will be paid within 10 days after submitting Invoice, another 40% will be paid after next 10 days and remaining 20% will be paid after Quality Check.


Project Location: Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore

Advantages: -

1. 0% Commission only for New registrations. (This means Payment made by Customer 100% amount will credit in Merchant Account)

2. Bank to Bank Direct Transaction

3. Free Merchant Setup

4. No Debit or Credit card Required

5. T+1 Transaction

6. Within 10 Seconds payment will complete

7. Fast & Secure

Signup Requirements of Merchant: -

1. Download Freecharge app through Goole/IOS Play Store and Register as a merchant

2. Upload required documents

3. Accept Freecharge policy and Guidelines

4. Finish the Process

Note: FOS will issue QR display and Marketing Materials. Merchant will get activate within 48 hours.
Looking for a team of highly motivated and ambitious FoS will be recruited through various channels, using following criteria


Project Location: Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi

Highlights of Project:

1. Mswipe got tied up with Cashe ( )and IIFL ( ) for payment processing of their customer via EMI cards ( preloaded with approved loan amount) issued by respective financial institutions.

2. Merchants have the advantage of establishing a permanent relationship through this payment mode thus increasing his customer base and obviously his business too.

3. Merchants have an advantage of getting free publicity of their establishment with Google map navigation like in FC with push notifications within 10kms radius.

4. Merchants also have the provision of putting up their ads whenever they plan for a discounted sale like Christmas and New Year sale offer absolutely free of cost and this message reaches to all customers associated with respective institutions.

5. On boarding of the merchant is done absolutely free of cost and with minimal documentation namely 1. Pan + 1 KYC document of the merchant 2. Proof of Business & 3. Current account details.

6. No investment is involved in this payment acceptance as no POS device is required but transactions done through the Mswipe merchant application installed in the merchant’s android mobile device.

7. Zero down payment to customers while purchasing unlike when compared to Bajaj Fin serve or Capital Trust where minimum 2 months EMI to be made as down payment.

8. MDR charges are just 2% of the transaction charge is applicable whereas Baja Fin serve charges 4.5% and Capital charges somewhere close to 7 to 7.5%.

9. Customers are been sent to merchants’ locations by mswipe through various means and methods like push notifications etc.

10. Complete payment is credited in T+1 days to the merchant account registered with mswipe.


Project Location:Pan India

Amazon Merchant on boarding process :

1. Click Amazon Link

2. Enter Merchantdetails as per there supporting documents. (As per our training)

3. Add given Smile codes in merchant place

4. Fill provided Google form - (File all the details given format)

4. Upload Supporting and other documents

Amazon Kyc Verification Process :

1. Visit and collect Kyc Document from the customer

2. Upload ID and Address Proof in Amazon Pay App

3. Fill Amazon form with order ID or Phone Number (Last 6months)


Project Location: Bangalore

Redcarpet Smart Credit Cardprocess :

1. Download RC app on customer’s phone

2. Enter Agent referral code on phone - VERY IMPORTANT or file will get auto rejected.

3. Fill credit form - (Enter Passed out in college year)

4. Upload Aadhaar, Selfie and other documents

5. Upload Student ID and supporting documents according to the app

6. Customer has to E-sign or use biometric facility provided by Ranau (AGENT will be given biometric device based on volume)

7. Application will be evaluated in 2 to 4 hours.

8. Limit will be given to customers, and fees payment requested.

9. AGENT will get payout on count of fees paid.

10. Customer will receive card at given address, and card will be activated by Ranau team.


Project Location: Pan India

We are happy to launch Cattle Tagging & Insurance which you can initiate @ your district.

Tagging is an important part of animal identification, as it allows ranchers and producers to easily identify, track, and tend to their livestock. It’s a simple process, but one that must be done properly to ensure safe and efficient results.

Scope of Work:

• Database of all financed milk animals, tags & details will be provided.

• Each animal is required to be tagged & inspected.

• Complete details of the owner with photographs of the animal & vehicles required to be collected.

• All required details of each animal required to be captured in the provided form/apps which different each insurance company.

• Death claims cases need to be covered within two hours.

• All completed forms (Signed and Stamped) need to be submitted on a weekly basis.


Payment will be done Rs.XXX/- per animal tagging and Rs. XXX/- for death claim verification.


Monthly minimum 500 to 1000 tagging and inspection reports to be completed.


Training will be provided for one person by the company.

Contract duration:

Contract will be for 3 years and it can be extended based on performance.

Billing cycle:

Invoice should be raised every month through e-mail/fax with hard copy and payments will be done within 40 days from the verification report issued by the designated authority.


Project Location: Pan India

JIO Towers offers tower installation services to boost speed and network signals. Since the reliance JIO users are struggling with data speed and network problem of Reliance JIO, the company Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited has decided to install more than 6000 Towers across the country .
Each tower laying cost will be approximately upto Rs.5,00,000/-(prices may vary depending upon the place and area).With reference to the same, interested companies or individuals with good experience can contact us for more details, with a detailed profile of such work done previously for mobile service providing companies.


Project Location: Pan India


In rural areas of the country, the agricultural and non-agricultural load (domestic andnon-domestic) are typically catered through common distribution network. Theavailability of power supply in rural areas is inadequate and unreliable in many partsof the country. The distribution utilities resort to frequent load shedding in rural areas to mitigate the gap between supply and demand, which affects power supply toagricultural consumers as well as non-agricultural consumers owing to commondistribution network.

Works towards excavation of soil, erection of poles, Erection of DP poles with transformers, stringing the 11KVconductors, Stringing LT conductors 11KV Reconducting and LT AB Recabling different states of India

Over head line works for HT and LT installations with connected works to these at various locations .The scope of work and terms & conditions are as the follows.


Excavation of soil, erection of poles, stringing HT conductors, stringing LT AB cabling, erection of DP structure with erection of DTR& fixing necessary accessories, 11KV reconducting and LT AB Recabling per norms & requirement of company.

It is hereby declared by the company that the allotted works towards excavation of soil, erection of poles, erection DP structure with DTR & fixing necessary accessories, stringing HT conductor & LT AB cable, 11KV re-conducting and LT AB re-cabling as against the SCOPE OF WORK to our Company in this connection.


The Work Order shall be issued to perform the scope of work for 11KV OH Line & LT OH AB cabling works, DTS works 11KV reconducting and LT AB recabling at various Locations in different states.

For further clarifications, please feel free to call the below or mail to


Chief Business Officer - CBO

Email :

Mobile : +91 70220 42765


Chief Operating Officer - COO

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Mobile : +91 70220 42769

PalaniVel T V

Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

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Mobile : +91 70220 42770

KanchiMurali Krishna

Senior Project Manager

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