Welcome to Edurays

Today's competitive world demands trained certified and skilled manpower to address the challenges of growth and converting them into opportunities.

Our Aim is to focus on implementation models of Skill Development, both in India and across the world.

India has one of the youngest populations in the world and a very large pool of young English-speaking people. Therefore, it has the potential to meet the skill needs of other countries and also cater to its own demand for skilled manpower.

Ironically, most industries in India are currently struggling with scarcity of skilled labor. Although more than 40 million people are registered in employment exchanges, only 0.2 million get jobs.

Despite the emphatic stress laid on education and training in this country, there is still a shortage of skilled manpower to address the mounting needs and demands of the economy. The current education system does not focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities. Today, a large section of India's labor force has outdated skills. With current and expected economic growth, this challenge is going to only increase further, since more than 75% of new job opportunities are expected to be "skill-based."

The role of the private sector in skill development has increased significantly over the last decade, with majority students currently enrolled in private institutions.

Realizing the significance and need for skilled manpower, Edurays in association with Government and Private Entities is taking several initiatives to contribute effectively to fill up this GAP.

As an immediate necessity that has urgently arisen from the current scenario, Edurays is striving to initiate and achieve formal skill development via education/vocational education/skill training and other upcoming learning methods.